Friday, January 29, 2010

26 Weeks!

Here's the belly at 26 weeks along~ so crazy to me that I only have a little over 13 weeks left until this baby girl is born! A-MAZ-ING how time flies when you have another kid to take all your extra time and energy!
Ali is finally starting to point to my belly and say "baby"... we're still not sure if she REALLY knows what is going to happen come May and this baby becomes a part of her world, but it is so sweet that she is kissing the belly and recognizing that her momma's belly is growing!
As for how I am feeling- I feel tired. Maybe too tired for 26 weeks along. I am OUT COLD every night by 8:00, and I almost feel myself getting depressed over what being tired has taken away from me. Remember, I am a clean freak, and letting my house get messy really messes with my emotions (I know that sounds weird, but I am who I am people). So I am finding that I am feeling depressed in the past week or so at the fact that I just simply do not have the energy to get the daily activities that I want to get done accomplished, and that my house looks and feels gross.
I am sad that my huge belly (I mean seriously, I carry babies big!) restricts what I can and cannot do with Ali. I LOVE to get down and play with her on the floor, it is our time to be momma and daughter at the end of a work day, but lately the thought of getting down on the floor with her to play, and then having to get back up again, just drains me. It also does not help that she also does not get that jumping on the belly is not a pleasant experience LOL.
I have a doctor appointment February 10- so I am for sure going to make sure my iron counts are too low or something crazy like that. I'm sure it's just part of the package... and it's just preparing me for being a mother of two!


FROGGITY! said...


hope you get lots of rest. i can't believe how quickly time passes!!!

Lindsay said...

Ahh Kelli, you look beautiful! Wow 13 weeks...oh my! I'm sorry, you are so tired, but it's ok. Let that house work wait, you get your rest my dear!! Oh I am so excited for y'all!! Can't wait to see Ali's little sister!!

Alexa said...

You look WONDERFUL! I can imagine you are so tired, hopefully you can get a bit of rejuvination on the weekends :). That is when I can usually play just a bit of catchup.

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