Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biter update- 24 weeks pregnant- and angel baby

Good news on the biter front: After having an honest conversation with his mother (who is also my friend) I encouraged her to be proactive with our daycare provider to work together to find a solution. As of this week, we have gone almost 5 days in a row with no incident! I think the boy is finding other ways to show his frustration- and Ali is bite- free- thank goodness! The kids' teacher is also keeping a very close eye on him for signs he is ready to chomp; and I think her being able to divert his attention should the need arise has helped immensely.

And, believe it or not, I am already 24 weeks pregnant! Let me tell you, having another child around to keep you busy (oh yeah, and working full time) really makes the time fly. It is hard to believe that in a little over 3 months- we will have a household of four- that's madness I tell ya! (but in a good way)

I am still feeling good- I need to post an "amazing growing belly" picture ... the baby pops so much faster the second time around!

I have only gained 10lbs, which for me is soo surprising, as I tend to be an pound magnet, especially when I'm pregnant.

And This little girl is a mover and a shaker- she rocks and rolls in my belly all day long! I definitely know she is there... all the time day or night! I hope this doesn't mean she won't sleep when she is out in the real world!

I will take my glucose screening test next month- soooo not looking forward to that ( I failed the first round last time with Ali, and had to do that horrible 3 hour test, only to pass the 2nd round). So I'm praying big time I pass !

Otherwise, all is good and super duper busy in our household.

..and before I go I wanted to post a picture of my sweet, sweet Angel baby.

What a precious baby I have been blessed with- she's gotta be sent straight from heaven!


Gemini said...

OMG that picture could be a hallmark card it is just so cute! Holy Schmole!!! So glad you are feeling good too. Only 3 months to go...WOOT!!

FROGGITY! said...

good news about the biter! hope it continues.

24 weeks! time flies...

good luck on the glucose. i had gestational diabetes 1st time, not fun!!

precious pic!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Great news on the biter!

Lindsay said...

Ok, so happy the biter is bite-free & that they are keeping a close eye on him & good for you for talking to your friend about it! As I am sure she is upset as well!
24 weeks....get outta town! Wow, ma'am time is really flying by!
Oh glucose....I failed the 1st test too...only to drink the even sweeter version to pass! Blah! And there was a lady in the waiting room saying oh that drink is awful, so sweet, I hated drinking it....ok bia-bia stop talking to me is what I felt like saying, but I just close-mouth smiled (that's my sarcastic smile) :)!!
And last, but not least....that is the most precious picture in the entire world! ahhhh

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