Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 101

Hoorah for Froggity!, she gave me a bloggy award! Haven't got one of these in a loooong time, and it MADE ME HAPPY :)

So what I'm supposed to do with this award is list 10 things that make me happy, then tag 10 people that make me happy. So here ya go (and these are coming off the top of my head, so they are in random order of happiness)...

1. My Alison Elizabeth. She makes me so happy that I get tears in my eyes telling her so. She is such a blessing to my life- my little piece of angel heaven! I love so much to play with her and listen to her little babble talk when we play babies. She is amazing- a little butterball of sweet sweet love.

2. My sweet baby girl in my tummy. At this moment, I cannot imagine how I will love someone as much as I love Ali Bananas... but I hear it happens, and my heart hurts with happiness to think of having two baby girls to squeeze and play with- and they will forever be mine.

3. My hubby and #1 man, KK. Man, I love him. He sure makes me happy. Of course I have we have our moments... but he is the beginning of it all for me. He has made me one happy camper, and we have a pretty dang good life, and that makes me happy, and thankful. I am so happy that God gave me KK as my husband- I am happy that he will be my man for all times.

4. My momma and daddy. Man, they make me happy. Talk about great people- I'm so lucky they are my parents!

5. A clean house makes me reeeeeaaaally happy. I love that feeling of accomplishment- those brief moments of happiness when your whole house is clean, and smells good, and feels good to be in. Those moments are brief, but cherished.

6. Reality TV makes me happy. I'm a sucker for it. Maybe it's because it is filled with drama- something that I cannot much relate to- sitting in bed at 8:00 watching it :) ... American Idol starts tonight, BTW- woot! woot!

7. A good cup of tea in the afternoon makes me happy. However, I do not have a tea pot, and this does not make me happy... must fix that

8. Sleeping makes me happy. Mostly because lately I am suffering from a lack of sleep~ see, I am a belly-sleeper, and this growing baby in my belly poses a huge sleep problem for me.. only 16 weeks left and then I can sleep (hahahahahaha, that joke made me happy!)

9. Spring time makes me happy. I love how the world comes back to life after being frozen for so long, and I love how that change of season makes people in general, happier. Can't wait for that!

10. Reading all my dear bloggy friends' blogs makes me happy! I love the blog world- seriously, I would not be able to parent/vent/live without you all! You all help validate me more than you know. Muah!

So... I just blanket tagged anyone who is reading this- THAT MEANS YOU! Add this to your blog, make your own list... it'll make you happy :) I promise!

1 comment:

FROGGITY! said...

YAY! good ones. so sweet. do you have a name picked out for #2 yet??

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