Monday, January 11, 2010

SO Glad That's Over

Poor Ali caught a nasty stomach bug and was home sick last Wednesday. Little kiddos are just funny when they are sick- she would play and play, projectile vomit, cry a bit- and be back to her normal daily routine. KK had to stay home with her as I am saving my sick days for the impending baby ... nasty little bug had her vomiting for about 6 hours.

... and then HELL began... KK and I both caught the bug and were vomiting out both ends from 8:00 Thursday night on. After 12 hours of me not being able to keep a thing down, I started to worry about the baby. I called the doc, and ended up at Labor and Delivery with IV Fluids and (thank GOD) medication to stop the nausea. Let me tell you, this was the WORST I've EVER felt- and the most I've ever thrown up in my life. HORRIBLE- and so terrible that KK had it as bad as me... we are so thankful that our neighbor came over and took care of Ali on Friday, she was a lifesaver! (don't' know if ya knew this- but kids don't care when their parents are almost dying they are so sick LoL).
So this weekend was spent trying to recuperate and get some sleep back- we both were feeling better by this morning- and are happy to say we can now keep both liquid and food down! Baby is fine in my belly- just probably a little miffed at been so thirsty and having to deal with some serious thrashing about on Thursday/Friday! Thank goodness it was a 24 hour bug!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds awful. :( Glad it is over with!

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