Sunday, January 3, 2010

A GREAT Winter Break

The fam and I have ENJOYED the past 2 weeks together... let me say we took FULL ADVANTAGE of spending time together and utilizing our time off: we got to do fun stuff as a fam; we found out about Ali's baby sister; and we (I) got what I wanted to accomplish done around this house!

Christmas was wonderful: KK and I decided last year to put our foot down on holidays and not spend them appeasing our families, but rather spending it relaxed and ENJOYING it. So we did not split either Thanksgiving or Christmas this year- we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with his side of the family- and Christmas Day with mine. It was so nice to not rush around and have to worry about making people mad for leaving early, etc. We loved it- enjoyed it- and remembered it! So worth it... although I think KK is STILL having to explain it to his mother- as she insisted we open gifts at her house- which we had to do 2 days AFTER Christmas, but that is neither here nor there...
BACK ON TOPIC- I got the guest bedroom cleaned out for Ali's new room to be... we still have to wait to move her in there because:
#1 last year Jack dug up the carpet in there and we have yet to replace it- new carpet is being installed as soon as our tax return is deposited
#2 My mom ordered Ali bunk beds! And we have to get them put together - so excited!!!
#3 The furniture we have to match the bunk beds needs to be repainted- so hopefully we can get her all transitioned in by spring break to her big girl room!

I also mucked out and organized our unfinished basement. I ordered a 125 sq. foot foam play mat kinda like this one to put down on the cement floor. We've already moved all of Ali's toys down there and she absolutely LOVES her new play room! Momma loves it too, because now I don't have to spend 1,000 lost hours cleaning up after her every night in the living room :) I will take pictures of her toy wonderland as soon as the mat arrives and is all set to go!

So yeah, in a nutshell, we had a great break, relaxing, fun, productive... and as always- too short. I think Ali misses her friends at daycare and it will be nice to be back on a routine, but man I love being home with her and playing all day!
So here's some pictures to recap the fun we've had over the holidays:

Ali all dressed up in her Christmas outfit. Sorry she was not looking at the camera: Elmo's Christmas Countdown was on!

Ali did great with her first encounter with the great Santa Clause! She even smiled and told him she wanted Elmo for Christmas- super cute!

Here is Ali with her FAVORITE Christmas gift... her very own stepping stool!

We also went to a birthday party at a place filled with jumping castles- it was Ali's wonderland! She was on this slide almost the entire time... this shot of her and daddy together is a rare one; big girl insisted on sliding down by herself!

I am trying to catch up on all the bloggy world happenings that I have missed these past few weeks... here's wishin you and yours a blessed 2010!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and productive vacation! Are you ready for the working world tomorrow?!? :)

FROGGITY! said...

precious pics!!

i am glad you got so much accomplished and also that you had a relaxing christmas. that is the best! may 2010 be filled with many blessings!

Lindsay said...

Good job ma'am! You accomplished a lot!! Ali is a doll, love her sliding down the slide, looks like so much fun! I love those mats, we have one in the playroom, but Averee figured out how to take it apart and it was everywhere...I think because it was on the carpet and the letters were popping out. It should be fine on the bare floor, you'll love it! Oh and Ali will, too!
I can't wait to see all that you are doing and a bunk fun!!
Good job about not stressing over the holidays about when and where you have to be...good for y'all!!Next year, I'm telling everyone to come to us, because we're staying put!! :)
Happy New Year!

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