Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The apology

So thank you to all my blog sistas out there- your kind words and encouragement really helped me to validate and feel better about my situation. It always helps to know that we all have men struggles and that I am not alone. I have come to rely on you for advice and support as I grow up and live out my life as a mother and wife. I appreciate you all so much, and your comments meant a lot to me. So THANK YOU!
After posting my blog, I felt like I had sorted out MY feelings, and knew exactly where I stood concerning the issue. KK was still trying to sweep everything under the rug: i.e. he wrote me an email asking what I wanted for dinner, how was Ali this morning at drop-0ff, blah blah. I wrote back and said "just stop. Stop trying to act like we are OK, when we both know we are not. You are hurting my feelings even more"
I felt good saying this- it was my way of addressing what was going on without making it a huge deal at work. And it worked.
KK walked into the door last night, sat down, and apologized. It wasn't drawn out, it wasn't dramatic, it was straight-forward, well-thought out, and to the point. He recognizes that his interpretation of making my day special (staying home for the weekend instead of traveling with the team, painting Ali's furniture) was not my interpretation. He said he needs to do more to make me feel special, and that he knows he is not good at interpreting those situations, and it is something he needs to work on, and will work on.
Our conversation was quick, we moved on, and I feel like a huge boulder has been lifted off my chest. It makes me happy that he worked through everything by himself (I wish it wouldn't have taken him 2 days) but that he came out on the other side wiser and a better husband, and that he did it on his own accord, without my showing him in the right direction. We are making progress here, ladies!


Anonymous said...

yay for communication!!!

FROGGITY! said...

well good for you two for working through it!! that's awesome.

marriage is a give and take. it's not always easy, but communication is ALWAYS good! :)

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

Wahoo! I'm happy that he made you feel better. It is so hard sometimes seeing our spouses perspectives. Him seeing yours and you seeing his. My husband and I speak two totally different lanquages and sometimes he thinks he is being awesome and I think he is being a douche! So yay for apologies and feeling better about it all!

Sweetbabs said...

That is great to hear!!! :-)

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