Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dripping with romance

Seeing as Valentine's Day is Sunday, I thought I would tell you about my experiences with the man of my dreams (aka my husband) and the holiday dedicated to love.
So whenever I mention Valentine's Day to Kris, in any way shape or form- he says that I once told him I didn't like Valentine's Day- which I could of- but it was probably before we were seriously dating and I wanted to impress him and make sure he knew I wasn't high maintenance or something totally dorky like that.
Which really, I don't think Valentine's Day is that big of a deal- but I do think it is important that we pause on that day and tell each other how important we are to each other- because sadly enough, we probably don't do that enough. (We both suck at being romantic, seriously, I'm as bad as he is).
So on our first V-Day as a couple, I brought him a stupid card telling him he's hot or something cheesy, cause we weren't "in love" yet, and I didn't want to freak him out (this was when I was still trying to woo him into keeping me around forever). So on V-Day, we were hanging out, and at about 4:00 he said- I guess we better go get something to eat, in a restaurant, because it's Valentine's Day. And we better go now to beat the crowds. So we did, we went to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Toro Viejo, and each had a seafood chimichanga and margaritas. And it was fun, and the food was muy bueno, and it was sooo not romantic. And that's the only Valentine's Day I can really remember of having any significance out of the 6 that we have spent together (see, I told you I was super romantic).
So on Sunday, I am going to present my husband with a card that Ali colored, and tell him how much I love him, and we are going to pick out carpet for Ali's big girl bedroom. Cause we are dripping with romance around our house... and really- who wants to see a 28 week pregnant lady in some lingerie?


Anonymous said...

Yeah . . .V day is always kind of a disappointment. Ha!

Sweetbabs said...

V-day means different things to different people. :-) And at 28 weeks you could totally still bring the sexy back in some great lingerie! ;-)

Our plans....I have to work. :-(

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