Friday, February 26, 2010

Drama in the E.R.

Poor Ali had her first trip to the E.R. yesterday. Apparently she was messing with some toy at daycare (she is getting 4 teeth and puts everything in her mouth lately) and the toy cut the underside of her tongue pretty badly. She was bleeding for awhile (tongues are bleeders!) and daycare was worried she hit something or clipped that little thingy under her tongue that attaches it to the mouth.
So I left school to pick her up, with KK following close behind, both of us panicked but trying not to freak out until we saw her... we ended up in the E.R.- she was so brave when the doctor examined her and didn't even cry when he was snooping around her mouth! Turns out she just took a pretty good chunk out of the bottom of her tongue - but it will heal... pretty quickly as tongues tend to do. I was so thankful she didn't do anything to mess with her speech patterns, or hit a major artery to render stitches. I stayed home with her the rest of the day- and even though she was in a lot of pain (remember, teething +mouth injury), she did get to have a special treat of an orange slushy and ended up being a pretty good little trooper.
She was back to her old, happy go lucky, funny self this morning, so we sent her off to daycare with her lunchbox packed full of "squishy foods"... which she is not too happy about as the girl really enjoys herself some crackers :)
Oh, the drama of being a parent.. .and I'm sure it's just beginning!

... and in the mean time, this little baby girl in my belly is giving me alotta trouble! She is a mover and a shaker, and she is cramping my style big time (I'm sure she feels the same way). I feel like I'm getting beat up from the inside! She is also sitting really low- she is actually pushing my cervix down so far that I can physically see and feel the difference (sorry, that was a little TMI) and my sciatic nerve is causing both of my legs to go numb throughout the day! Oh, and Braxton Hicks...Fun stuff... glad I've got 2 months of this left!
AND softball tryouts start today, so tons of time standing on my feet beyond my normal work day- why do I do this to myself?


Sweetbabs said...

Wow! Glad to hear that Ali is fine and it was nothing major. :-)

Two more months huh. Hang in there I am sure it will go by fast.

Alexa said...

You're a wonder woman! So glad Ali is ok :).

Anonymous said...

Yikes, how scary! Did they remove that toy?

Girl, bring a chair/stool/something during Softball tryouts! At least we aren't this big and pregnant during the heat... right? That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. :)

FROGGITY! said...

oh mah gah!

i am so glad she's okay!!!

tell baby girl in tummy to simmer down. she'll get here soon enough and can shake the world then... hahah... (seriously, i am so jealous that you only have 2 months left... it'll be here before you know it!) i am just now starting to 'feel pregnant' for real. waking up at night with back pain. loverly.

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