Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love You, Ali Bananas

I never understood the depth of my mom's love until I had Ali. I never would get why she was always hugging and kissing on me- almost to the point where I would be annoyed with her. Now that I have my own sweet girl, I get where she is coming from- and I am thankful beyond words that my mom loves me as much as she does... and she taught me how to be a good mom who is full of love for my children.

Ali brightens every part of my life. I am so blessed to have such a sweet, smart, caring little 1 1/2 year old who is so easy to parent and play with. She just amazes me every minute of every day, and I cannot believe how much I love her.

I am getting VERY anxious to meet her little sister, and to have 2 little girls to hug and love on, every single day. Children are such a gift and a pleasure- I thank God every day for giving me the gift of my children. I hope Ali knows in her heart that I love her so much, and even if I do annoy her, I want the very best for her that she deserves.
I took this picture of her with my cell phone over the weekend. My mom bought her this gigantic dog and she insisted on sleeping with it. She is hilarious! Looking at this picture makes me want to rush outta this job and go pick her up just to give her a squeeze and tell her how much she means to me! I know she'll understand my love one day... when she has babies of her own :)


FROGGITY! said...

oh my GOSH! i cannot believe you just wrote that we must be on the same wavelength! i thanked my mom today, the miracle of children makes me appreciate her that much more!! :)

i LOVE that little pic of ali. she's so cute. *sniff sniff* here i go again, i am just too emotional these days!! more tears... :)

Lindsay said...

Oh so true my dear! How luck are we that we have great Mommas...more luck than we really know! Ali Bananas is so sweet and I am so happy that you will have another little banana soon!!! And PS
I would like to watch that video online sometime, I meant to email you back about that.

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