Friday, February 5, 2010

Awesome product find!

A few months ago, I decided to buckle down and make a commitment go all-natural in my home. My husband has HUGE nasal/allergy/sinus issues, and he DRIVES ME NUTS every time I clean because he throws such a drama fit about the smell of my cleaning products.
So one night, as I'm bathing Ali in a tub I just bleached and hoping that I got it all cleaned out so it doesn't burn her sweet angel skin... I thought that I was really going to put some research into creating a more natural home environment for my family, without compromising the effectiveness of the product (remember, I am a clean freak people).
After searching and researching, I have recently been introduced to a great company out of Southern Idaho that offers a huge range of AWESOME , earth-friendly products. I have begun converting my house over to using all-natural products- and these products REALLY WORK! I am so excited that my husband is happier, I feel like my baby, and my pregnant self are happier and healthier, and I just feel so good about what I am doing for the environment.
...come to find out, this company sells tons of great stuff for weight-loss/ supplements/ makeup/laundry/toothpaste and the list goes on and on.
I thought of a lot of YOU sweet people: my bloggy friends, and how we talk about all the harmful stuff that we are giving to our kids these days, and thought some of you might benefit from what I've found!
So... if any of you out there are interested in hearing about it- please email me and I would love to hook you up with my awesome find!


Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant with Blake, I switched to cleaning with vinegar. I LOVE that I can store my "cleaning" supplies right next to the food in my pantry. :) I bought those empty plastic spray bottles from Wal-Mart, printed up my own labels, and made my own. Soooo much cheaper, and just as effective. I polish my furniture with Olive Oil and lemon. :)

Kelli said...

That's awesome, Andria. This company actually sells MORE then just cleaning supplies, and for wholesale price- that is why I love it so much.
You can get your lotion, laundry soap, color booster, makeup, etc. from them- all organic!

Lindsay said...

Yay! This always makes me happy. I also went all natural when Miss Priss was younger. It just makes me feel better all around! I use vinegar & water to clean the mirrors, glass and our glass table top. I bought a spray bottle with home remedy cleaning on the side of the bottle and it tells you how much to mix for whatever you are cleaning. The vinegar stinks I admit, but it goes away in 15 minutes and looks as clean as ever. Plus it's cheap and will last a really long time. Also I can clean with Averee right at my side and feel good that it's not getting in her little lungs & harming them!! :) I also started thinking about the laundry detergent that you wear around on your body all day. So I ordered Charlie's Soap. I did however get a good deal with coupons($1 per bottle) on All but I bought dye & fragrance free.
Anyway, there are alot of products that can be ordered from for cheaper, too.
I should have just emailed you...hahha! So what are you doing? Does it start with a M? I can't remember the name?
Anyway...good for you K!

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