Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Her Birthday!

August 19, 2008...We were so anxious to meet you! And we had no idea what you had in store for us...

We fell in love with our beautiful baby the moment you were born!

Your first year brought so many changes and went by so fast!

AMAZING that you are 2 years old already! 

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Alison Elizabeth.  You are wonderful and perfect and bring so much joy to our lives every single day.  You are a gift from God and a little piece of heaven.  You are my heart beating outside of my body. I want to squeeze you and mooch you every moment of every day, because I love you that much.  You are so smart, so funny, and so full of life. You are my reason. You have taught me so much about seeing the world in so many colors. I love pretending with you, playing with you, dancing with you, singing with you, marching with you, and just being around you. You brighten my life more then you will ever, ever know.  I have had the best 2 years of my life raising you... I soak up every day and I look forward to watching you become even more amazing then you already are!  
For your birthday I give you everything- and you deserve it all! 


Gemini said...

Happy Birthday Ali!! Just know that at 2, you have a pretty cool Momma ;)

Niki said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! I hope she had a wonderful birthday! :)

Marla @

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