Wednesday, May 9, 2007

7 random things

Kerdog tagged me to list off 7 random things about myself... pretty much everything I do is random, so hopefully this won't be too hard!
1. My first job, at 15 years old, was a hostess with the mostess at Denny's
2. I lived in Spain for 6 months as a foreign exchange student my junior year of college
3. I was in a sorority, Kappa Delta, at the University of Idaho
4. I really like animals, I could be that crazy cat person, if my dog and husband didn't hate them!
5. I am an internet junkie
6. I love to learn! I am getting my Master's Degree in Educational Administration currently, but still want another one in Technology.
7. I wish I had more time to watch MORE reality TV - I LOVE IT

I'm tagging cougchick, kristi, ann, and sara :)

1 comment:

cougchick said...

I'll get to this soon. Trying to get some perspective and I've been in a really crabby mood of late. Thanks for taggin me!

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