Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a Man

I am officially in love with my husband. Not that I wasn't before, but he was so sweet today I just thanked my lucky stars to be so blessed with him.

Let me set the scene: Every year, the school that both he and I teach at rewards students with a GPA of 3.3 or higher a day at the local theme park, Silverwood. K.K. and I are always chaperons, as well as my friend Sandy.
Sandy brought her sweet baby girl, Ellen (who is adopted from China, and was a little flower fairy in our wedding). Ellen is 2 and TOTALLY cute.
Well, of course it down-poured while we were at Silverwood- like hail balls and thunder, super fun times.
So Ellen was getting bored under the food court pavilion where we found shelter.
And here comes Super Kris, MY husband. He scooped up Ellen and tickled her, took her over to look at the Ferris wheel, chased her around,and held her on his lap for a really long time- it was melt-your-heart cute. And, it was my husband! All the ladies were giving him the awwww face, and I was so proud, cause, HE'S ALL MINE LADIES!
Oh man, we need to have a baby soon, we gotta lotta love to spread around


Ann Marie said...

you guys are very blessed to have each other.

:) I am so happy for you, you deserve an amazing man like Kris.

Kerry said...

what a sweet guy you've got!! just wait till you see him doing this w/ your children! whenever i see my hubby interacting w/ our kids my heart just melts. just today i watched him & my older son walking down the street holding hands and it was so big tall hubby w/ my little 2 year old.

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