Monday, May 14, 2007

Whew! Glad that's over

So this is how my Mother's Day started off. I got to thinking about it, and 7 of my friends are pregnant at the moment- SEVEN! Not just seven people who I know, SEVEN people I interact with on a daily or at least weekly basis. THREE of these people happen to be my close friends, and out of the seven ladies in my bible study, FOUR are pregnant! That is a lotta women with child... and NOT ONE OF THEM IS ME!! Ok Ok, so I've only been "trying" for 2 months now, but I WANT ONE TOO! Today my hubbie and I had a serious talk- we are going to really work hard at it next ovulation period, or when the moon, stars, and hay is all growing the right direction, as my husband seems to think this whole pregnancy thing is a wives' tale or something...silly man.

Ok, so that was the morning of Mother's Day.
Then I get this call from my own Mother at around 2:00ish, telling me my Grandpa has slipped into a non-responsive state and I better come say goodbye. Not to confuse anyone, I'm not making light of this, just feels good to talk about it this way, now that it's all over. So Kris and I rush over to visit him in the nursing home, and it's bad. Real. Scary. Bad. I thought yesterday was the last day my sweet Grampy would be around, and I could never tell him thanks for all the fun memories and just how great he is and how much I absolutely love him in my whole heart. Thinking about naming my first born son something with Robert Kenneth it in. Everyone was crying, it was so horrible. We left around 8:30, and I had a bad night of no sleep and dreams in between of Grandpa of the 90s.. good times, good times
So my mom calls me at 7:00 this morning to tell me that Grandpa came out of it, back to the old grumpy, tired, Grandpa that we all know and love (dearly). What a relief! But not a day I want to see again soon.


cougchick said...

Just keep practicing for that baby. It'll happen soon.

Sorry to hear about your Gramps. Hope he's okay.

Ann Marie said...

I'm so sorry about your gramps! I am so glad that he is better though!!

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