Friday, May 4, 2007

Whoo Hoo For Friday!

I love Fridays- I never get sick of them! Grey's Anatomy was soooo good last night, although the producers were totally hooking us loyal viewers into their spin off show with Addison- which by the way I think will be pretty good.. the guy from WINGS is still soo hot, even after all these years! And Taye Diggs, love looking at that man... I'm really happy that Meridith and Shepard are working it out, they are, aren't they? Man, I live for my TV! It's the only excitement I have- Tuesday and Wednesday is American Idol ( GO BLAKE) and Thursday is Grey's! It keeps me going... but Fridays are so good I don't even need TV :)
Wish me luck at Bloomsday- don't worry, I'm not running, just don't want to get the shin splits that plague me every year!


cougchick said...

I'll be watching for you in the sea of people on Doomsday Hill. Good Luck!

Loved the Grey's spin off. 2 of my fave peeps from ALIAS! Yippee!

kerdog said...

I missed both the original and repeat of Grey's! I forgot to set the TIVO. Bummer! Heard it was good. by the way, tag you're it!!

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