Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun Weekend & Random Teaching Comment

Since all the other blogs that I read wrote about their Memorial Day Weekend, I figured I should add mine to the mix.
We didn't have school Friday because of a Flex Day in the district (teachers exchange collaboration time for days off throughout the year). So Friday was the annual "Timberwolf Tee-Off" Golf Tournament. This event is a scramble type tournament at a local golf course, and mostly coaches and booster members play: all of the proceeds benefit athletics. Since my husband and myself coach at Lake City, we usually participate in some way. Plus, who am I kidding, you get to drive around in golf carts and drink all day with your work friends! I'M IN!! And don't let it fool you, I am a horrible golfer. So I mostly just hit the ball every once in awhile and drank, a lot. By the time it was all said and done, and we made it to the Booster Club President's house for a BBQ, I was toast. I went home at 9:oo. I'm such a cool 25 year old. Needless to say, I got a good night's rest and got through the hangover that had developed at around 6:00.
Kris, on the other hand, went out all night with LCHS alums who he taught (since he is 7 years older than me he actually has former students who are of drinking age). Well Kris always forgets he is not 21, like his former students. He went out until around 1:30am and then was a horrible, hungover 32-year-old on Saturday morning. I was getting very antsy, because we were going to my parent's cabin for the weekend. I have never wanted to get away from town as much as I did that morning.
I finally got the hungover man that was my husband out of bed and into the shower, which he dry-heaved through- hehe. And we loaded up the dogs, some campin clothes, and headed up north to the Moyie River. We had a blast! My parents and brother were up there too, and it was so nice to relax with the fam. We mostly read books, played card games ( I LOVE CARDS!), and watched some DVDS.
The highlight of the weekend was Sunday, when my brother,dad, Kris and I took a raft trip down the Moyie. I felt all adventurous because I don't usually do anything "crazy" like that. It was so awesome! It was a 4 hour raft trip, through some big ole rapids. At one point, the raft was completely full of water! I have no idea what number the rapids were, but they were moving and fun! My dad is also hilarious in everything he does, like Clark Griswold funny, so that made the trip that much more enjoyable.

Needless to say, it was restful and gave me back some much needed down time...and I am making it through our last "official" week of teaching before finals start next week.

I Love Memorial Day Weekend at the Cabin:)

AND my random teaching comment of the day... my Spanish 2 class is watching "The Land Before Time" (really, it is part of the curriculum, for its use of commands)... and I can't watch ANY part of the damn movie without feely weepy and sad!! This was the first movie my parents took me too, and I cried for hours after seeing it! It really disturbs me that sweet little "piecito" (Little Foot) looses his poor momma at such a young age.... I could go on and on. So instead of watch with my class, I set a bad example and work on grading papers.


Kerry said...

sounds like a fun weekend! i love card games too. hubby & i are always looking for someone to have over to play.

cougchick said...

the raft trip sounds like fun. Cracking up at the hungover honey...

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