Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well, definately not pregnant this month. Guess we will have to have another go of it in 10-14 days. I usually am a patient person, but this particular area is hard to wait for. I am a firm believer in God and His plan, but I still turn into that bratty little child and ask, "why can't I have it noooowww??" I know that there is a grander plan and timing is everything, so I just need to relax and let nature take its course.

I am a doer, though. When I want stuff done, it gets done. I mean, look at my life. I graduated college and secured a teaching job, at the school I wanted, in the teaching area I wanted, (something that is VERY hard to do in my area, I might add) and I did it all before the age of 23.
So, now that we have tried 2 times to get pregnant, with no results, I am racing through my brain all of the physical problems I could have and what am I going to do if it is all of a sudden 6 months later, and we're still trying??
I know, I know... everyone is going to tell me to just relax, because stressing out does not help matters. But really, I'm not stressed. I just want to be pregnant! My heart swells every time I hear a baby make any noise, when my friends all show me their nurseries and fun clothes, books, toys they are all buying for their new babies, I just feel lonely. My husband is getting antsy too. He looked at me across dinner 2 nights ago and said, "we really need to get serious about this baby-making business, Kel."

I know my turn will come soon, but I want to take my turn NOW!


Isabel said...

I know it's hard. And really, nothing I can say would make you feel better about it. So I won't even try.

Just keep up the "trying" part and good luck.

Andria and Co. said...

It's only been two months... be patient. there are lots of tricks out there, for one, drink green tea around the time that you are ovulating. i know it sounds like "new age herbal remedy" type stuff, but it worked for Amy/Radish (she is on my blog roll) and I... and we were both dealing with infertility/miscarriage issues.

Good luck!!!

Sara said...

It'll happen friend. Hang in there and keep trying! ;-) Caught up on your blog this morning, I hadn't checked it since the house paint! It's been a crazy few weeks...I also just saw that you tagged me, my first tag EVER and I failed. I'm posting it though. I'll miss you at BS tonight, but will try for next week...I want to at least see you all before the summer break!

Marriage-101 said...

Are you sure he just didn't want to get some that night? :)

Just kidding! Hang in there. It'll happen.

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