Wednesday, March 24, 2010

33. 5 weeks - doctor appointment update

I lost my mucus plug yesterday. And while this can mean that I can still have the chance of carrying this baby full term, it puts immanent labor that much closer. I went in for my bi-weekly doctor appointment this morning, and here is the information as I know it:

  • My cervix is still up pretty high, so I am not currently going into labor, however, it is thinning, meaning my body is preparing to have this baby
  • This preparation could take anywhere from days to (hopefully) weeks
  • Baby HAS to be at 35 weeks ( I will be 34 weeks on Saturday) to lessen the risk of complication, and to be delivered at the hospital here in town- otherwise we will have to drive 30 minutes to Spokane, Washington, where they have a NICU unit. The doctor's (and my) goal is to make it to my next appointment, which is April 7th. She said we are now making bi-weekly goals to keep me pregnant as long as we can.
  • I can no longer pick up or move anything heavier than around 5-10lbs. This means no cleaning my house, no picking up Ali, and generally taking it easy.
  • We were planning to head out of town for spring break next week, and this has been 86'd as well.

Let's just say this was not the happiest moment of my pregnancy. First off, I am nervous and anxious to keep her in for 2 more weeks. I am going to have to really be conscious of what I am doing on a daily basis, and really LISTEN to my doctor- take care of myself, and this little baby girl. It breaks my heart to not be able to scoop Ali into my arms.. I think she knows things are changing because she has been so clingy with me lately... but hopefully my husband will come through and be very helpful; and I can be right there alongside him, doing everything I can to make our last weeks with Ali special before her world is rocked completely with the arrival of our newest addition.

...But the doctor did say that this baby could surprise us, and I could carry her all the way full-term, which is the absolute goal for our situation!


Stacey said...

I'll be sending positive and "go to full-term" vibes your way. I'm sure everything will go just as it needs to!

Take care of yourself and that little baby. Get lots of rest. ;)

FROGGITY! said...

well, i certainly will be thinking of you and praying for you. hopefully you'll make it 'all the way'! God bless!!

Alexa said...

Sending many prayers and thoughts to you and your little one!!!

Lindsay said...

Many prayers for you and sweet little Avery. We need her to stay put just a little longer. Take care of yourself dear, try not to worry tooo much and it's okay if the house work isn't done, as long as you all are healthy. I'm sorry you can't pick up Ali, I know that's hard. Time is passing so quickly the next few weeks will be here before you know it, praying praying for you!! xoxo

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