Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday

I just started reading this blog, and one of the cute things she does is every Monday is a "Music Monday", where she posts music videos from YouTube. I thought it was a fun idea; one in which I will now be participating right here on Little Jelli's World!

So without further ado, here is my pick for my very first Music Monday (FYI: the songs I pick will be totally random, but will have a personal link to my life, which I will explain under video)

I picked this song because over this past weekend, my mom and I were reminiscing about her raising my brother and I, and she mentioned how he used to trap me in the bedroom and make me listen to this record. See, I was a sensitive little girl, and I hated the song- as I hated the movie Old Yeller because someone dies; apparently I had issues dealing with loss;).
So my cruel brother, who specialized in unusual forms of torturing me, would barricade the doorway and play this song as loud as our record player would go. I would scream and cry and put pillows over my ears.... but the memory still opens old wounds for me - hilarious to think how clever we could be when it came to torturing one another!

LOL This song brought me back- and gave me a little chuckle on a Monday! Hope everyone enjoys their day!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! And I think that is funny that he used this song to torture you!

Lindsay said...

Ohhh i love this idea! Meany brother :)

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