Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Massage review

So even though my massage was not perfect, due to the fact that the lady talked to me the entire time, it was much-needed and very therapeutic. Why do massage therapists feel the need to talk to you during one of the most relaxing activities you can participate in? don't they know, I'm assuming from experience, that people want to fully relax and enter into an entirely different frame of mind when they are being lathered up and rubbed down? Apparently, this lady did not get that memo, but she did know what she was doing, and she did it well.
She gave me some great sleeping tips on how to better position myself and my pillows to take pressure of my hips; she also told me my lower back is really swollen since I am carrying this baby so low- and made me promise to ice my back at least 20 minutes 4 times a week to loosen up the inflammation... don't have to tell me twice, I'm icing it as we speak!
She also suggested that, since the baby is so low and I have 2 months left to carry her, that I do get a belly band and see if that helps relieve some of the pressure. I have a belly band that someone gave me, so I just need to get my lazy butt to find it (and I'm in enough pain I think I will motivate myself to find said belly band tonight!).

Speaking of how I am carrying this child... if another person asks me if I am SURE i am having a GIRL, because the way I'm carrying they could swear it's a boy...I might loose my marbles and have to regulate! Don't they know not to put that kind of doubt in a pregnant lady's mind? I mean, seriously, my husband would probably run around the hospital jumping for joy if I delivered a male... but I am fully committed and PLANNING on having another baby girl- plus, I've had 2 ultrasounds where this was confirmed.. so just knock it off with your old wives' tales, people! Don't freak out the pregnant lady- who's carrying so low she feels as if labor could inevitably come at any given moment, given the right stimuli!


Sweetbabs said...

I would have punched that lady for talking! Okay maybe not punch but I would have used a few curse words when telling her to shut her trap. Some people.

And don't worry it will be a girl. If all those wise tales were true I would have had the worst heart burn known to man kind. Cause my little one popped out with a ton of jet black hair.

FROGGITY! said...

i HATE it when people tell you how you're carrying, comment on the size and/or girth of body parts, and later the size of the baby, etc. i mean, COME ON! you wouldn't walk up to a non-pregnant, non-baby person and comment on their size...

and i hate it when therapists talk during massage as well. not cool.

hope your swelling gets better!!

thelumberjackswife said...

I remember getting cranky at most of the comments strangers would make during the end of pregnancies!

Just leave me alone!! haha! :)

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