Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling better; trying to relax

All I can say is THANK the GOOD LORD for Spring Break. My body needed this restful week so very much... and thank you so very much to all your kind words and prayers. They have helped immensely! I spoke with my nurse earlier this week... and I am doing better then they originally projected. I have been given the ok to do a little more around the house and with Ali... I just have to limit my activity throughout the day, and spend twice as much time relaxing as I do on the other stuff. It is still really hard to not be able to pick up my baby.. but I have to remember that I will love her sister just as much as I do her- and it is worth it to have Ali suffer a little bit to sacrifice a healthy baby for her to play with.

Thankfully my mom has been super helpful, and my hubs has been pretty good too (I have to give him a little credit-LOL). I am trying hard not to drive myself and everybody else nuts.. I have found it is really hard for me to relax. I'm just not the type of person who sits around or hangs out and watches TV. I get soo antsy- so it's been hard teaching myself that it is OK, and medically necessary, to slow things down a bit for awhile. I must remember that all the little tasks I have created for myself will still be waiting for me come May.

And of course Ali has been a HUGE help with the daily chores!

On other notes: I had an awesome baby shower on Sunday for our up and coming sweet baby gal... my mom hosted and did sort of a "diaper drive"; which was soooo awesome to get all stocked up on diapies and wipies- considering I will have two buns in them come a coupla weeks! Hopefully Ali will get her act together and potty train this summer- 2 in diapers is gonna get expensive!

I have also been slowly converting Ali's nursery over for the baby... we have decided to name her Avery Coy :) Avery because we like the name, and Coy is after my middle name.

Ali has moved to her "big girl room"... it is adorable! And I would put pictures of that up, but she is currently sleeping in there and I don't dare wake up the sleeping angel! So stayed tuned for those... but here is what I've done for Baby Avery:

The decal above the crib is hard to read in this pic, but it says "Butterfly kisses and Lady Bug Hugs: sleep tight little one, snug as a bug in a rug"

I also have these adorable sheer cream curtains with butterflies on them that I am planning to hang above these windows... but of course that project has to occur when Ali, and her dad, are not around to bug me!

We also have all her little clothes put away; I've got her bag packed; now all that is left to do is pack mine and Ali's.. and she can come whenever she wants!

...and one totally unrelated picture of my sweet Ali and her daddy. We took her Downtown last weekend to play in the park... and see all the cool moose statues around town: A woman whose son KK grew up with wrote a book called Mudgy and Millie about two best friends: moose and a mouse, who play hide and seek all over our town. It is such a cute book, and so cool that the illustrations and book talk all about where we are raising our family. Ali loves the book; and our town has created a "Mudgy & Millie Walk" that follows their path through the book and our town. Along the path you will find these awesome bronze statues of the two characters, along with a page from that part of the book. Every time we see one, she has to stop and talk to the moose:Makes me smile every time!


Anonymous said...

Love the name Avery! Cute nursery!

Stacey said...

I'm so glad things are going better. It's definitely hard to be "laid up." I was on bedrest the last two months with my first little guy and the only thing that saved me was my mom teaching me to crochet. Well, that and I totally love to watch TV and veg... lol.

Super cute nursery and I LOVE the name Avery. So happy for you. ;)

Alexa said...

I LOVE the name and I am so glad you are feeling better.

And yes, you totally called it on the gender. I will have to get girl advice from you!

FROGGITY! said...

glad you are doing well!!! loving the name and i absolutely
LOVE the vacuum pic!!! SO CUTE!

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