Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Belated* Music Video Monday

I'm late on posting my Monday music video... I will blame it on the fact that I am stuffed up to the very tip of my head with a terrible head cold. IT'S TERRIBLE! The most annoying part of the whole deal is the fact that I cannot take hardly medicine for it- so I just have to suffer with not being able to breath! Fun times... especially when you couple it with pregnancy hormones AND not sleeping good at night- let's just say I am not a happy camper people!
ANYWAY, here is the video I chose for today; makes me think of my sweet baby with her daddy every time I hear this song... and it always brings tears to my eyes!


Stacey said...

I so feel your pain. I've had more colds with this pregnancy than my first thanks to my little bug going to daycare. I actually did break down and had some Tylenol Sinus Cold, but that was in my 2nd trimester so I'm not sure if it's okay in your 3rd.
Hope you get better soon. ;)

FROGGITY! said...

hope you feel better soon!!!

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