Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another round of germs

I can't decide if I have yet another cold, or I am experiencing my first case (in my life) of allergies. Is there a way to tell? Here are my symptoms:
  • going on 4 days of phlegmy cough
  • 2 days of stuffy nose: today the left nostril is plugged, but runny

And the nightly groaning has returned. Ever since I have been preggo, I do this weird thing when I have a cold/allergy, which since this pregnancy has been for the third time, anyway, I do this weird thing when I'm am experiencing a cold/allergy: I groan in my sleep. It's kind of like clearing your throat but not quite the follow through. Apparently it is so loud that my husband, who is a light sleeper to begin with, has moved first to the guest bedroom down the hall with the door shut to the couch downstairs as of last night. He was not a happy camper this morning, apparently I am grunting/groaning LOUDLY and the couch is not a comfy place to sleep.

And I feel horrible- the man looks haggard people! I have no idea what to do to solve this problem, and who knows how long it will last... it's not like he is mad at me specifically, just pissed at the groaning really. I think tonight I will offer myself to the guest room, maybe he just needs a night in our o-so-comfy bed to help him get in some ZZZs. Oh the sacrifices!

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