Monday, April 14, 2008

A poor person's solution to a new couch

This afternoon I decided to find a solution to my gross couch. We have tan microfiber furniture in our living room, which is normally a nice choice, except that my dog Jack (see photo) must love the texture of microfiber on his tongue.

Reason #1 that the couch needed help: Jack has proceeded over the past couple of years to lick the couch to the extent that there are actually patches of the microfiber completely gone.

Reason #2 that the couch sucks: Also, last summer a friend came over and sat on our couch, as friends do. The problem with this particular situation was that the friend must have rubbed up against some motor oil during her day, because when she left our couch, she left a streak of motor oil across the back cushion. And that stuff just doesn't rub out.

Needless to say, we have suffered around 7 months sitting on our ugly ass couch. Every time we have company over, I pray they do not look close at its true grossness. Today, the suffering ends. As a poor person would, I marched my ass to Ross this afternoon and bought a slipcover. The slipcover was called SureFit, but I am not sure whether any slipcover, cheap or expensive, really does surely fit. Whatever, I needed a solution that did not require the purchasing of a new sofa. After getting the blasted thing home, I ironed it out to the best of my patience and ability (which isn't much). Then, I proceeded to tuck, tuck, tuck! Until I got this finished product:

Whaddya think? Minus the wrinkles (hey, I've got no patience with the iron), it looks much better and less white-trashy then the pre-couch product, believe me! ** sorry for no pre-cover pic- I didn't think of it and there is no way I'm peeling that baby back off- that took me an hour!


woo said...

I think it's great! did you use a piece of pipe to tuck it in :)

Making my way in PA said...

Oh I dread when our sofa's look like shit. We have a chair, sofa amnd loveseat that all look the same, so if one peice goes to hell, do I have to cover /replace all of them. DANG.

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