Friday, April 18, 2008

Thoughts on my blog

Sometimes I think "Why do I even have a blog?" I compare my blogging to other people's cool blogs, and I feel so lacking. I don't think my writing is witty or even that interesting, and I sometimes question what the point of even having a blog is. Not really anyone in my real life world knows about my blog- I don't tell my close friends about it, and it is a guarded secret from my husband, simply because I think he will not agree with it- as he is old-fashioned with the "Internet age" way of thinking anyway.

I feel sad when I blog and I don't get any comments- but then, is that what I'm blogging for? I guess I need to find my blogging purpose. I think it is a place I can share my life and feel good about bragging or complaining, because none of the readers of this blog really can judge me, rather judge the snippets of my life that I do post about in a non-objective manner.
I started this blog to vent frustrations with not getting pregnant, now that I am blessed with a life growing inside me, it has become an outlet to share about that journey.

My hope is that people out there enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy reading theirs, and that I can continue to have a place to scribe my inner-ponderings without fear of bias.


Marriage-101 said...

I used to get frustrated when I didn't get any comments and that's when I had to ask myself "Am I blogging for me, or am I blogging for other people?" and when it came down to it, I was really blogging for me. Sure, sometimes I blog for others in hopes they find me funny or mildly entertaining, but a lot of times I blog just to document various points in my life. I may be wrong, but I think that's what you're doing too, esp. now with the pregnancy. And I think that's a great thing and would be sad if you stopped blogging just because you thought no one was reading. I'm reading!

Andria and Co. said...

I'm here. :)
We all go through those moments, wondering why we blog. Do what makes you happy- don't try to please your audience. Believe me, on this one.

Nanette said...

Building any sort of blog following takes a lot of work, sadly. Ya gotta leave lots of comments on others' blogs and increase your exposure. It took me years and years to get where I am in the blogosphere now, although I do have some friends who started blogging and right out of the gate - bam! 15+ comments per post. I try to remind myself that that isn't the norm, though. Lotsa work, lotsa work.

And like Marriage 101 said, I also have to remind myself that I am blogging for myself more than I am for an audience.

Keep up the great work! I'm enjoying your blog thus far, and I'm a new reader!


Making my way in PA said...

I love when I get comments. Love it. But at the same time what I love the most is reading other people's blogs and having something to look back at and remember what I was doing a year ago. Imagine what that will mean to you when you have your little one.

Sara said...

Every once in awhile I ask myself the same question, but I think we all just go through blog funks now then. In fact, your post today has prompted me to write my own post about blogging. :-)

Keep blogging Kelli! I am enjoying following your journey and as a bonus I know you in real life too!!


p.s. I keep forgetting that you tagged me a few posts ago...must get it done. ;-)

Nicole said...

I know what you mean about the comments... its so nice to hear back from people! Although, like your other commenters said... the first reason you should blog is for yourself... whether it be for written therapy or for recordkeeping. For me, its a bit of both. Its cathartic for me to vent and journal and get out feelings, but I also love documenting things and looking back an seeing where I was a year or two ago.

I also agree with another of your commenters... it takes a lot of time to build up blog commenters. You have to leave lots of comments in order to get lots in return! More exposure is best.

Andrea said...

OOOH! I love your blog! I always feel "less" too in the blogging world if I don't get comments or if I write about something weird. But then I think... this is for me... to vent. And if no one loves it... so be it! It is, however, nice to have hubs on board. I am horrible at keeping secrets and this would be hard :D

rachel elizabeth said...

kelli, i love your blog adn i've been reading for a while! you're an awesome writer and i'm always checking in for baby updates!

i always remind myself that i don't do the blog thing for anyone but me, so if no one comments, so what?! only recently have i started getting ten or more comments on entries and over 100 hits a day, but that's because i've made an effort to put myself out there more!

either way, you're amazing and i'm always reading!!!

jenny said...

i'm here! i should comment more too!

i love comments as much as anyone, but i have to remember the main reason i have a blog is to share with family and to keep a journal of what's going on in our life. i find it so fun to go back and read past posts. :)

Ann said...

I totally agree, and you will really have so much to blog about once your little sunshine comes!!! :)

oh...I forgot about being tagged too!!! I will get on that as well :)

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