Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chubby Mommy

I am feeling fat these days. Having been a person who is subconscious about her weight almost my entire teenage to adult life, I am having a really hard time accepting the fact that I have completely lost my waistline.
My other problem is that I feel like my belly is growing too much too fast. I find myself constantly trying to compare with friends I know who have recently given birth or are at different stages of their pregnancies. I think about their belly size and wonder if mine really is baby + placenta + uterus + umbilical chord, etc.... or if I'm just storing up some fat in there.

I am even ashamed to let my belly hang out sometimes at work: I don't want people to gossip hush hush behind my back that I am getting so big for only being 5 months along. See, the problem for me is I'm not necessarily gaining anywhere else except a tiny bit in my face and all the rest in my tummy. In reality, I should be happy that is where all the weight is going, and not spreading itself out across all fat cells as it could very easily do.
The older ladies at work say to relax and enjoy the time when you can eat whatever you want- but I don't eat whatever I want- I eat pretty much the same as before I was preggo- I wish I could just let this go and enjoy my growing baby belly a little more- but it's so hard to grow and grow!


woo said...

you're doing really good Kelli! Don't listen to those older ladies, you shouldn't go crazy eating whatever you want! I gained so much weight with Hayden but I lost 30 pounds like 2 days later!!! It was crazy.

no one is gossiping about you!! you're too wonderful! let your tummy hang out! haha

Andrea said...

Aww! I feel ya honey! I feel that way even now :D And there ain't no hidin it anymore :D It will get better, I promise!

PS I tagged your for a meme, check it out!

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