Tuesday, May 6, 2008

¡Ay, Mis Pies!

In recent weeks, my little feets (pies en español) have been killing me. To describe the exact feeling I would have to say that it feels like the heels of my feet are being pressed through the bone. So basically it feels as if I am walking around on skeleton feet. My heel-padding has given up on cushioning my feetsers- not too comfortable to say the least. It also doesn't help that I teach-on my feet- for most of my work day. I have been trying curb the throbbing pain while at work by teaching from a chair- which doesn't really work for me, as I consider myself a pretty mobile teacher.

Therefore, I have begun my quest for a cute solution. And by solution I of course am meaning new shoes! Here are the shoes I ordered today online:
Some sweet mary jane Crocs. I ordered black to be safe, and allow for diversity in pairing with my small variety of pregnancy outfits. Crocs do, however, offer a great variety of colors and styles. I am hoping these Crocs will prove to be my feet's salvation. I figure they will last the duration of the school year, can be worn with skirts, pants and capris, and will also be most useful throughout the summer. My feet can breath and be comfy in my new rubber shoes.
*Disclaimer: This isn't my first experience with crocs, I have been a lover and wearer of them for some time, I am just anxious to be stylish in these mary janes ! The Crocs I currently own are light blue clogs, not too stylish if you get my drift.
If anyone has any other cute spring/summer shoe wear for the pregnant woman, please pass along the insight!


Ann said...

I have those in red and I love them!

kristi said...

i had the same thing happen when i was pregnant with g.g.. i thought maybe i had a heel spur or bone spur. not sure what it is really called but it was horrible. it was always really bad in the morning when i took my first step. anyway, i wasn't working and it was summer so i ended up getting the croc flip flops. LOVED them. it helped so so much. i also have the mary janes in pink and i love them as well.

cougchick said...

wow! Your baby has been really busy growing while I've been gone.

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