Thursday, May 1, 2008

24 weeks!

R.E.M is not just an alt-rock band from Athens, Ga., it’s also something your little rocker is doing this week. Because her sleep cycles are set, she’s finally experiencing rapid eye movement.She’s also hard at work filling out that skin of hers, and is looking less like Iggy Pop every day. Her inner ear is fairly well developed, so even though she might not know what it means, she’ll be able to sense when she’s upside down or on her side.Not to be left out of the loop, her marrow is busy producing white blood cells which will enable her to combat infections and disease later on. And, over the next weeks, she’ll be adding blood vessels to her lungs in preparation for oxygenating her blood supply and not, as you may come to believe, to increase the decibel level of her crying.

I went for my 24 week check-up yesterday and am proud to report I am harboring a healthy, super-active baby girl! The doc said she must really be moving and groovin' in there, because her heart rate was up and very strong! I'm so proud :) I'm also happy to report I am right on target for weight-gain: and the nurse told me I am gaining all in my belly- the perfect, and correct, place for pregnancy weight to go!
Next month will be my last monthly appointment, in which I will consume the awful orange glucose drink to check for gestational diabetes. After that, I will go in every 3 weeks for check-ups.. we are chuggin right along- and I'm so happy because I want to meet this girl already!


Nanette said...

That's awesome that your little girl is growing big and strong! Very exciting! :)

Andrea said...

YAY for awesome baby weight. I knew you looked GREAT! And so glad the blog is giving you insight. Sometimes, like you, I wonder why I even write :D

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