Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things that annoy me

Here is what I am annoyed with on a Tuesday:
  • My husband did not even get me a card for my 1st semi-Mother's Day
  • Something is wrong with the internet at work- so every time anyone on the network tries to access an https site, the internet boots you off. It's been this way since yesterday.
  • My cell phone slipped off the couch arm last night and of all the places it could fall, it fell into my glass of iced tea sitting on the floor. Now it is not functioning and therefore is for sale on ebay for parts.
  • The cell phone that we had at home for me to use right now is a crappy phone that I do not like. Annoying.
  • We still have not gotten our tax return or stimulus payment. I really want to work on our landscaping, pay down credit card debt, and buy a crib for my sweet baby-to-be. But no, I have to wait on our sloooow government
  • It is May 13 and we are still having shatty weather in North Idaho.

The good news: the tax return will come; the weather will change; and after all this, my life still doesn't suck so bad!

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