Monday, May 5, 2008

A productive weekend

We finally had some springtime weather around here! The hubster and I took advantage and got a lot of things done around the yard, or what will be the yard. First, KK finished about thirty feet of fencing along the back of our property that had not been filled in because the house behind us is still vacant. That sh*t is expensive! We have vinyl fencing in our neighborhood, which I totally love because it is super nice, but c'mon, it's highway robbery what you pay for it! Oh well, at least we will only have to install it one time... now we are waiting for the house to the west of ours to sell so we can talk its tenants into sharing the cost of that side of the fencing with us.
We also started the process of raking the billions of rocks up out of our yard to prepare it for hydro seed. The nice part is we are doubling the purpose of the rock and using it as fill gravel for a flat stone patio KK will install, as soon as we get our stimulus check.
I was a busy bee out in the front of the house and planted perennials and bushes around the perimeter. I will post pictures of that ASAP. Still no grass in the front either, but at least adding some color spruced it up for now.

Overall, I'm pleased with the productive weekend, which I wrapped up by thoroughly cleaning the inside of the house, top to bottom. It feels good to be making process of what used to be a mountain of work. Don't get me wrong, we've still got a long list of yard projects to start and/or complete, but the end is in sight. We hope to have everything ready to rock by the end of May- perfect timing for summer BBQs- whoo hooo!

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Devs said...

Yay for Spring in Idaho! Hopefully it's here to stay. I'm sick of cold - and I'm sure you are too :)

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