Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The best weekend!

We had the best Memorial Day Weekend ever! We did not have school on Friday, so my mom and I started the day out with mommy-daughter pedicures at one of the local beauty schools. After that, my mom and I met up with KK at our house, packed up the truck with all our cabin stuff, 3 dogs, and ourselves, and headed north to our cabin at the Moyie River. (I will hopefully post pics this afternoon). Later on that day, my little bro and dad met us up there.

We had a blast!! It was so nice to get away from the stresses of every day life and relax with family. KK brought his drift boat and rowed my mom and I around 2 lakes to fish. We caught 15 trout total and BBQ-ed them up one night for dinner- sooooo good. Kris also took my dad and bro down the Moyie River, which was traveling about 15 mph with all the snow melt. They had a pretty wild ride full of beer drinking and rapids!

We also took a ton of walks, and I am reading a great book from the library called The Good Earth, by Pearl Buck. I would recommend it highly!

I love being with my family, and I am so happy that Kris gets fits in with us so easily. We laughed so hard and relaxed together. It was so fun having no schedule, and simply deciding what to do based on what we wanted, instead of work or time constraints.

It made me so thankful for the wonderful life I have been blessed with. I really do have a great husband, great parents, and a great brother. It's not very often you find a group of people who enjoys each other so much. I take them all for granted, but I am so thankful for each person and how much they each bring to my life. I can't wait for Ali to join our crazy bunch!

Now, it's back to reality! Here's the highlights:

  • Only 2 weeks left of school- whooo hoooo! Now begins the frantic review days to get my students ready for our district end of course exams, fun times !

  • We finally got our tax refund + stimulus check!!! YEAH!!!!!! I ordered Ali's crib yesterday at Walmart.com, thanks to the great head's up from Nanette- it will be delivered next week sometime- I'm so excited to finally get the nursery started! Here's what I got (crib on left, bedding we bought when we found out she was a girl on right):

  • I also finally paid the freaking $350 "graduation fee" to my university to get my actual Master's Degree diploma! We are totally framing that sucker!!
  • KK is going to start on the landscaping this week- I can't wait to have grass and a patio!
  • Tomorrow is my 28 week (!) appointment: I have to drink that awful orange glucose drink before going in to see if I have the dreaded gestational diabetes- keep your fingers crossed it all comes out good!

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Ann said...

I LOVE that crib! It's so cute.

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