Monday, May 12, 2008


I have a half-sister on my dad's side. She is 14 years older than me, and was born from a summer fling that my dad had while in college. She was never really apart of our lives- her mother remarried and that man adopted her. She lives 6 hours away from us, and needless to say we are not close. She is a nice person :has three children, no education, a minimum wage job, and a kind of dead-beat husband. What bothers me about her is that she thinks my dad is her bank. She asks him for outlandish amounts of money all the time for various activities her children are involved in. She even had to ask him for gas money to come to my wedding! It is just ridiculous. Thankfully, my dad is a little smarter then that and does not give her money. I do think she has formulated this idea of my brother and I- I think she thinks my parents are loaded and give us everything. Well I'm here to tell you they don't.

So, here is the latest and greatest with my sister. Apparently, she is coming to visit with her three children in August. August 17th, to be exact. I'm a little pissed about that. Let me remind us all, my due date is August 21st. I figure I will have had the baby, be in labor, or be really not to fun to deal with around August 17th. Let me be blunt: I don't want her here during my time. I know that is selfish of me and she is "family" after all, but it pisses me off that my dad wasn't smart enough to figure out an earlier date with her. Now her and her kids will be infringing on our family's time- totally burdening my mom by staying at her house, loitering around the hospital room, not to mention distracting my dad from the most fabulous moment for our family. She is not a part of my family. She has never been involved or seemed to care about my life. My dad didn't even tell her I was pregnant- I stumbled upon the subject with her via email when I was 3 months along ! It's crazy and bizarre- and I tried to talk to my dad about it. He thinks it isn't a big deal and doesn't want me to worry about it. He acts like I'm a jerk when I bring it up. I am going to be soooo mad if they ruin this for me. I don't want my dad to feel like he has to bring them camping or something and not be there for the birth of his grand baby. It is out of my hands at this point and I need to learn to deal- but she ruins everything!

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Ann said...

I don't know if this will help you feel better, but, KMC doesn't let ANY children in the hospital rooms unless they are siblings. They did this because people were bringing their kids in and staying all day with them. So she won't be able to hang around at all in the hospital room with the kids there.

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