Friday, May 9, 2008

Week 25!

Your sweet dulcinea attains a momentous milestone this week: if she were born at this point in your pregnancy, she would probably survive, but would require lots of assistance from doctors. Her organ systems are formed well enough that she would be all right, albeit tiny. As if that weren’t enough, other big changes are happening: her skin turns opaque and the pigments start depositing, hair color starts developing and her spinal structure is forming. She may even begin to rotate out of the breech position in preparation for her upcoming gondolier-ship, where she’ll make the journey down the birth canal.

That, my friends, is exciting news. It is a GOOD FEELING knowing that my sweet angel girl would probably survive if I went into labor at this moment. Believe me, I want her to cook longer for sure, but it does make for a calming moment to know she has made it past the crucial growing period! I'm so proud of her :)

On another front, my mom wants to start stocking up on diapers when she makes her trips to Costco. She wants to have a hefty inventory for Kris and I when Ali makes her appearance into this world. While I cannot help but want to jump all over the generous offer- I have no idea what sizes to tell her to start buying. I know newborns and ones are what she will wear the first period of her life- but how many boxes of each is a good amount????


Andria and Co. said...

Blake never wore newborn diapers- when they diapered him for the first time in the hospital, they put a size 1 on him. He weighed 7lbs 14 oz... So, I wouldn't buy a box of newborn diapers, I would just get a jumbo package from Target or something. Start with size one diapers if you are stocking up.
Congrats on viability! I remember getting to that point with Blake, and feeling like I could finally breathe.

Ann said...

they don't even carry newborn diapers at Costco because babies don't wear them for very long. It's definitely going to depend on how big Ali is, and how fast she grows. my friends one year old is GIGANTIC and wears the same size diapers as elliott who is 2!

what a nice mom you have!! :)

Andrea said...

Think $100 a month! I never thought we needed that many diapers, but NOW... my man goes through at least 10-15 a day. You gotta think, every 2 hours you feed and then they pee or poo. It is a never ending cycle of sleeplesness. I say get 2 boxes of the coscto box and don't forget the wipes :D Can't wait till you experience a poop-splosion!

Sara said...

Happy Mother's Day MOM!! I'm off to church, but thinking of you this morning. Thank you for your comments on my blog, and thank you for following along on the journey! I can't wait to go get her and introduce her to the bible study gals!

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