Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Holy Crap- only 13 weeks left!

I cannot believe tomorrow is the beginning of my LAST TRIMESTER of pregnancy!!! Really, it has gone by sooo quickly. I find myself thinking more and more of what we need to get done to be ready for our little girl in August- and I feel like we have so much to do !!!!!!! The good news is we are out of school in 12 school days (not that I'm counting) and after doing a little extra work for the school district, I will have almost 8 weeks to prepare for my sweet angel to come home.
Here is a list of what I can think of to do:
  • buy a crib
  • make husband put crib together
  • move dresser into baby's room
  • buy new knobs for dresser
  • buy a pack n play for our bedroom
  • buy a car seat/stroller
  • put up decals that match bedding in baby's room
  • wash all bedding/clothes and put in dresser
  • give mom list for baby shower
  • start registry (where ?)
  • set up delivery with diaper service
  • order blinds for nursery

And I'm spent. I'm overwhelmed and can't think of anything else right now. But don't worry people, I'm not really that stressed about it- I know myself- I'm a doer. It will all get done in plenty of time, then I'll be complaining about being bored. It's the nature of the beast


Andrea said...

YIPEEE! The 3rd trimester is the best. It goes by so quickly. So happy for you! heee hee. Can't wait to "meet" baby Ali

Nanette said...

Wheeeeee for the third trimester! :)

Alexa said...

Sometimes I really miss being pregnant, enjoy the end, it is the best. Feeling them move is awesome. greatful for all the blankets you get at your shower(s). I got a ton and thought, why do I need all these!?! You'll be surprised at how fast you go through blankies :).

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