Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amazing, Healthy Baby

Ali and I visited the doctor this afternoon.. and she is kicking RSV in the butt! She is at 98% oxygen intake: last week she was only at 90% intake. Her wheezing was gone when the doc listened through her stethoscope... and she overall looked 100% better! She does have a little ear infection, but we didn't get any antibiotics because it looked like it was on its way out. So now we are weaning her off the nebulizer over the next few weeks- she will finish up the week with daddy at home and back to daycare on Monday!
KK and I made the decision to keep her home as much as possible for the next month: the doctor explained that her little immune system is kind of beat up right now, making her more susceptible to bacteria that normally she would fight off. So no basketball games for awhile, and we postponed the family pics until the end of the month- but we gotta do what we gotta do to keep our big girl happy and healthy!
We also reinforced the "frequent hand washing" rule that I am always nagging people about- now I have medical backing! If you've got grubby hands, stay away from this sweet baby! (It's amazing to many how many people do not take this seriously... but I digress)
I was so so so relieved and happy to hear she had healed up so quickly- a huge weight of worry lifted off my shoulders.... and the doc confirmed my suspicion- Ali had swollen gums and is looking to cut some teeth in the near future! She seems to be handling it like a champ!


Lindsay said...

Aww, sweet baby! Movin' & a groovin'... tooo stinkin' cute!!Goodness, they grow so fast! (Tear)
I just want to hug her. Seriously, you could move closer :)Just a suggestion!

I'm glad she is feeling better. Sorry you had to reschedule your picts....BUT...you'll have all your bows by then :)
I sent your friend a msg., I mailed her bows out on the 28th, now I'm getting worried, she should have them ;(
I have to mail another order in the morning and I'll check on her pkg while I'm there.
Okie-dokie-smokie! Bye

Sweetbabs said...

That is great that she has been able to fight the RSV off. She is soooo cute. When I was watching the video clip my little one lunged for my laptop. I think she likes Missy Pants. I also am a big person for hand washing. It really bugs me when people walk in my house and just think they can pick up my child without washing the hands first. Agh!!

Kerry said...

Glad she's doing so much better. It's scary when they're little and they're sick.

Love hearing the "talking"! Miss this stage.

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