Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Weekend Update

So I could not have asked for a better birthday. It started with an awesome massage, followed by 30 minutes of un-interrupted steaming in the sauna. I cannot tell you how.much.I.needed.that. It was amazing how relaxed I felt after it was over- just goes to show me that I carry waaaaay to much stress around. (OR that I need to make massages part of my monthly routine!)
After I got home and showered, the hubs and I packed up Missy Pants and her stroller and headed Downtown to walk on the Boardwalk, which is basically a wood dock over the lake in the town we live in. We had such a great time- it was a beautiful day and the sun was actually shining, so we stayed out for almost 2.5 hours! It was nice to breathe in outside air- Ali had a blast and was a total ham to everyone we met... and the best part was just being with my family. We enjoyed each other so much, and made me remember why my husband is my best friend. Great times!
We capped the evening off with a turkey dinner over at my parents' house... followed by ICE CREAM cake! The BEST EVER!!!!!!! It was such a fun day, exactly what I would've planned had I done it myself.... If the rest of the year goes anything like Saturday...I think 27 will be a good year for this gal!


Sweetbabs said...

Good to hear that 27 is treating you right!!!

Oh and I think monthly massages are in order for all mothers! I here by make it MOM RULE!

Lindsay said...

HappY (late)BirthdaY Ma'aM!!!! Sounds like you had a great time! And ice cream cake favorite!!
Hubby turns 27 manana!

Alexa said...

Happy Birthday!! YEAH!!!

Andréa said...

Awww, glad you had a fab birthday. You derserve it!!

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