Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty Busy!

Our little Miss has been doing so good! She's back to feeling like her old self- besides the fact that she's working on some teethers. (Which I think she may be taking a break from, because I haven't seen any swollen gums since Sunday, and she hasn't been moaning like she was...)

It is amazing to me how busy she is becoming. She is totally alert and aware of her surroundings these days- EVERYTHING I pick up she has to touch and figure out for herself. I even had to wash out a yogurt cup I was eating out of and give it to her to use while I eat now- so she doesn't feel left out. We gave her a cracker the other night to munch on- they are called "Mum-Mums"- these little rice crackers that dissolve almost on contact. She thinks that's fun and it's amazing to watch her hold something and feed herself! She's getting big so fast- I can't believe how much she is changing almost daily!

... and I have to tell you that I was a bad momma the other day. I was video-taping her sitting up, and I did not set her far enough away from the coffee table... and you guessed, we had a spill. The video-camera all of a sudden was thrown to the ground, and Missy Pants cried her little heart out (no tears, however). I felt soooo bad- I cried with her! Thankfully we don't have any bruises, but she did have a big red mark on her forehead for a couple hours following the incident! I need to be more careful- maybe I should take a tip from her and be more "alert and aware of my surroundings"! Sorry, sweet baby!

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