Monday, February 2, 2009

Picture Post of my little sick buggie!

Still happy, even though I've got snot running down my face!

I really want to pet my Jack doggie! But he's sooo far away..

Yes! Thankfully, my doggie loves me, and moved closer!

Even though I'm sick... I still managed to SIT UP BY MYSELF... for the first time on Saturday! 

And, to top off how sick I've been... momma thinks I've got some teethers moving around, cause I'm chewing on everything in site!


Lindsay said...

Aww, yay! Sitting up...such a big girl! She's such a doll!
Sent out your package today, but I guess I work in the dark bc the navy bow was black!!! Hello, so I sent it out without the navy bow... and I'll ship that one alone tomorrow! Dingdong!!! Sorry! :)

Lindsay said...

No I didn't send the black one. I just mailed the purple and flower. Yes, I mailed Jen's bows last week. She should have received them. They are in a cylinder tube!I will check the date on my receipt in just a minute!! :)

KDLOST said...

she's SO cute, even sick! so sweet when dogs and kids play together... :)

Sweetbabs said...

Oh my goodness even sick she really is one of the cutest kids ever!!!!! She is getting so big!! And sitting up by herself crazy!! I am sending lots of live and hugs!

kimca01 said...

What a big girl!!! Let's hope she doesn't turn out to be a trouble maker like my little miss who won't stop moving! LOL

Send me your address (kimineurope @ so I can send the A some baby clippies, I've been making some and they are cute!

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