Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. Un-romantic

So my husband sucks at Valentine's Day. He sucks at romance, period. Now, I am not saying he is a bad husband, at all. He is amazing. We have an excellent marriage, a great love for each other, and a high level of commitment and understanding. But the area of romance? Not so much. Case in point:

On Valentine' Day, hubby had to coach a game. So we made adjustments and went to breakfast. And met another couple, who brought their 1 1/2 year old son. So between me entertaining Ali, my friend entertaining her son, and the guys talking about basketball... you get the idea, no romance. And that was it. We didn't get each other cards, no flowers, no chocolates, nothing. It sucked, and I am partially to blame. You see... I know my husband sucks at doing the "little things", so I stopped doing them on my end. Which is petty, because I WANT to do them. And I should, because I care, not to prove a point.

So, I brought it up yesterday. Apparently when we first started dating, I told KK that I thought Valentine's Day was a bunch of crap. Which I still kind of think it is. It is totally over-commercialised and another way for companies to make money. However, my statement comes with a disclaimer- you should not have to wait for a special day to do something special. If you want to get someone a gift, do it! Don't wait for a holiday or birthday to show them you care. Make every day special! So that's my disclaimer, but KK doesn't follow that either :)
He is a typical male: it has to be s-p-e-l-l-e-d out for him to get it. Seriously. Mr. Straight-Forward, let me tell you.

So I told him. I need him to show me that he is thankful for me. I need to be made to feel special. Not just, thanks for being my wife and taking care of the house and our daughter, but that he still loves me that much- that I've still got it! I need that reassurance in our busy lives. We never slow down and just BE together, not as much as we used to anyway. And that's fine, just as long as I know, every day, that I'm his Valentine.

... and my birthday is coming up on Saturday, so we'll see how he does! Eeekk!!!


Andréa said...

come on hubby!! do something nice, just because :D Your woman deserves it!!

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I get what you mean about it not being Valentine's Day that matters. It is saying thank you with a hug and kiss for making dinner. Those are the moments that are so much more important.

Sweetbabs said...

Happy soon to be birthday. I just had mine last week.

I know what you mean about the non-romance. I use to have to spell it out for my hubby cause I too said something very similar to what you did. Which I completely agree with but still want V-day to be special to. Some man just need a kick in the pants.

KDLOST said...

awww! happy almost birthday! yeah, men just THINK differently than we do. they have to be told sometimes... anyhow, hope he delivers for the big day!! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah some (ok, most) guys are just like that. But hopefully by you saying something, he gets the hint and you'll have a wonderful birthday!

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