Friday, February 27, 2009

Whiney Pants and a Naggin Cough

My daughter has put on some serious whiney pants as of late. No matter what we are doing, what time of day it is, whether she has napped, been fed, whatever... she whines every time we are not holding her. And does not stop whining... until someone picks her up. (FYI, it is not easy to pack a 19lb baby around when you are trying to do the dishes, fold laundry, go to the bathroom, etc.).
So I can't figure it out. I am not sure if a tooth is coming in- when I look at her gums I can't really decipher what I should be looking for. Her antibiotics have kicked in, so it's probably not her ears. She's well fed, has a clean diaper, naps, etc... it's getting a little frustrating, if you can't tell! Oh yea, and P.S. Missy Pants has decided that waking up at 4AM is now an appropriate time. Fun Times!

... and to add to it all, I have a naggin cough that WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! Sweet!


kimca01 said...

Teeeeeeeeth. And it sucks. I'm with ya on that one! It ends by oh, age 2 LOL Callie is so freaking whiny when she has a tooth coming, it's not funny. Actually it's before the tooth, then there is a few days of relief, then a BAD day then a tooth. It's a pattern! Morgan was such a good teether that the whining drives a person crazy. And she's 24.5 lbs, also not a good time. I've taken to parking her in various things to get something done - the exersaucer outside the bathroom while I do a quick clean, the highchair with cheerios while I try and do the dishes... Just to warn you, it gets WAAAAAAAY worse when they are crawling. I haul Callie's butt off the stairs and back into the playroom oh 17,000 times a day. Oh look, there she goes again! LOL

Andria and Co. said...

I agree... prolly teeth. Try Hyland's Teething Tablets, we swear by them in our house.

Lindsay said...

Miss Priss did this around 7 mos....for us it was seperation anxiety! She wanted to be held, while I did everything. A baby in you lap on the toilet is FANTASTIC! :)It was a stage! Sometimes I have noticed that when Averee is doing something new (milestone) she may be crabby for a day or two. I don't have much advice on teething, she got her
1st 2 teeth @ 5 mos. then 5 teeth at one time at 7 months and we're on # 8 last month @ 10mos. She was a pretty good teether, but I did give her highlands tablets a few times before nap or bed. Just to reduce swelling.

Oh, is she drooling like a crazy woman...that was a sign for us before the teethies popped through. They also say that after you can see the teeth the worst part is over bc they have broken the surface. Hang in there Mommy & sorry u have a cough...shuuucks!

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